“Having heard much of Nada’s Brahms survey up to this point, I believe that 25 years or so from now her Brahms will be looked upon as having the sort of historical distinction and significance that today is accorded to Julius Katchen, one of great Brahms interpreters of the past. But you don’t have to wait 25 years to appreciate Nada’s achievement; you can appreciate it in the here and now.” – Fanfare magazine, November/December 2018 Read full article

25-track double album from Pianist Nada: “CAPRICCIOS & INTERMEZZOS: NADA & BRAHMS” released on the MEII Enterprises label.

“MEII Enterprises is proud to announce the release of “Capriccios & Intermezzos: Nada & Brahms,” a 25-track double album, the fourth in a series of albums featuring award-winning Pianist Nada’s recordings of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) works for solo piano.”  Read more

Review of Nada’s performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.21 on November 11th, 2018, at the Kentucky Center for the Arts

“Piano soloist Nada brought sparkling clarity, melting tone and lyrical phrasing to the piece.  Her flawless sense of rhythm and superb concentration…”  Read more



Introducing Nada

“I speak music”

There is something special about pianist Nada. The unusual path on which life has taken her has also made her into an extraordinary human being. When she performs, her music seems to come alive in such a way that few performers ever dare to reach. It is like time and reality do not matter, only music.

Her insightful readings and unique approach to the major music repertoire frequently reminds audiences and critics of the legendary pianists Gina Bachauer and Clara Haskil. And more recently, she has been hailed “a music personality of this century, such as a Glenn Gould or Samson François.”

As an excellent communicator, both in introducing the music to her audiences and in interpreting the music through her performances, “I speak music” is the motto which best describes her charismatic personality and talent to generate enthusiasm and love of classical music.

You can hear her as host and performer of her own radio series, The Classical Hour. The performances are recorded live for broadcast on WCHQ 100.9 FM and available on the net for download from anywhere in the world.

Nada is also active in her own non-profit organization.